Robert Plant & Strange Sensation

Mercury (Universal)
24 june 2002 — CD (UK)
24 june 2002 — vinyl (UK)
16 july 2002 — CD (US)

Produced By Robert Plant and Phill Brown
Engineered By Phill Brown
Assisted by Raj Das at Rak Recording Studios
Dan Austin at Moles Studios, Graham Domily at the Church
Master by Denis Blackham at Country Masters
Artwork & Desin by Andie Airfix at Satori and Joe Spix
From an original concept by Robert Plant

Robert Plant — Vocals
Justin Adams — Guitars, Gimbri, Darbuka
John Baggott — Keyboards
Clive Deamer — Drums, Percussion
Charlie Jones — Bass
Porl Thompson — Guitar

Backing Vocals
Raj Das
May Clee Cadman
Ginny Clee

Pedal Steel
Song to the Siren — B J Cole

String Arrangements
Morning Dew, Song to the Siren — John Baggott

1. Funny In My Mind (I Believe I'm Fixin' To Die) 
   (Bukka White/Plant/Adams/Deamer/Baggott/Jones/Thompson)
2. Morning Dew 
   (Bonnie Dobson/Tim Rose)
3. One More Cup Of Coffee 
   (Bob Dylan)
4. Last Time I Saw Her 
5. Song To The Siren 
   (Tim Buckley/Larry Beckett)
6. Win My Train Fare Home (If I Ever Get Lucky) 
7. Darkness, Darkness 
   (Jessie Colin Young)
8. Red Dress 
9. Hey Joe 
   (William Roberts)
10. Skip's Song 
   (Alexander Lee Spence)
11. Dirt In A Hole 
Producers Robert Plant and Phil Brown
* В американском варианте альбома песня отсутствует.


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