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Впервые выпущена 22 октября 1969 на альбоме «Led Zeppeln II»
Выпускалась также на сборниках 21 сентября 1993 года «Boxed Set2» (Atlantic 82477) и 6 октября 1993 года «The Complete Studio Recordings» (Atlantic 82526).
Led Zeppelin II Boxed Set2 The Complete Studio Recordings

The beginning and end of this song draw directly from the original verison of this song by Sonny Boy Williamson, who performed it under the same name. Zeppelin even tried to recreate the peculiarities of Williamson’s voice at the beginning for the opening section. To do this, Robert Plant is singing through a harmonica microphone and amplifier.


Baby, baby… I'm gonna bring it on home to you.
I've got my ticket, I've got that load. Got up, gone higher, all aboard.
Take my seat, right way back. ooh yeah. Watch this train roll down the track.
I'm gonna bring it on home, Bring it on home to you.
Watch out, watch out…

Try to tell you baby, what you tryin' to do?
Tryin' to love me baby, love some other man too.
Bring it on home…

Went a little walk downtown, messed and got back late.
Found a note there waiting, it said, "Daddy, I just can't wait."
Bring it on home… Bring it back home to me baby…

Tell you, pretty baby, you love to mess me `round.
I'm gonna give you lovin', baby, gonna move you out o' town.
Bring it on home…

Sweetest little baby, daddy ever saw.
I'm gonna give you lovin' baby, I'm gonna give you more.
Bring it on home…

Bring it on home, Bring it on home to you…


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