John Paul Jones / Jon Anderson

Выпущена в 1985 году на альбоме «Scream For Help»

Lyrics transcribed by Linda Hennrick


Can you hear the whistle
Of the silver train
Floating down from heaven
Bearing all the names
Of people that were good
Of people that were bad
Saints and sinners
Who knew fust what they had

*The silver train arrive
The silver train arrive
The silver train arrive

**You know you know when you are ready
You feel it in your spinal chord
You think that you are dreaming
When Gabriel has his calling card
You wish that you were sleeping
But no one knows the feeling
You just remember seeing
The silver train

Can you hear the singing
Of the crazy moon
He has his bright time
And his dark time, too
He's waiting just tor you


The silver train arrive (Repeat)


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