John Paul Jones / Jacinta Jones

Выпущена в 1985 году на альбоме «Scream For Help»

Lyrics transcribed by Linda Hennrick


Walking down a back street
Got no place to go
Hear some music playin'
From a radio
Real rebel woman
Warrior on the street
Promises are broken
Lies are all you keep

*You walked into my life
I accepted you in the fight
So now you want to know
Whether I'm letting you go, now

**Bad child
Don't you turn away
I get the feeling
That I'm falling in love
Stronger every day
You’re such a sad child
If only you had known
You left the warmth
And the love of your home
For a freedom of your own

Please don't leave me standin'
With my heart split in two
I feel I'm at your mercy
So dont say that we're through
I'll try bein’ a better man
And help you to be good
And we shall walk together
And we'll be understood

(**Repeat 2 times)


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