Выпущена 4 ноября 2003 года на альбоме «Sixty Six To Timbuktu»


Lost my way on the outskits
Adrift on the road to the sun
Caught on emotional outbursts
And this moment was waiting to burn

Now misdirect the junction
And the guard at the side of the road
A page with a horn only madden
With the fear of being left in the cold

One mile ahead and we're waiting
With all the hope that's to come
Left on the 'skirts with my guardian
With the sand in the glass waits for love

Beyond there's a light that is shining
Strong as a will heaven sent
Through the arms love in waiting
White as he smiles at his men

I don't want, I don't need to I know
I don't want, I don't need to

And I ask for you city
Pillars of marble and stone
Friendship and love never last
We wipe our hands on the ground

Long have I dreamt of this windmill
I dreamt it'd by mine and a home
Far I've come since that first day
Like a landmine returns to the fold

It's too late, lost my way don't know where to go...


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