Выпущена 4 ноября 2003 года на альбоме «Sixty Six To Timbuktu»


So long, darling - oh how I hate to see you go
So long, darling - how I hate to see you go
Say bye-bye to you baby
Ain't gonna let my happy home

So many sad, sad, sad years, baby, but I've had a lot of fun
So many sad, sad, sad years - I've had my fun
But the day I met you, darling
All my troubles have begun

I've got to leave you, baby - I don't care what you say
Leave you, darling - come back home one sunny day
Down the road, down the road I go
I'm going to find myself a little woman - people to look after all my cares

So long - baby, I hate to leave you this way
Baby, baby, so long - I sure do hate to leave this way
But when I come back home, yes
Baby, baby, you'll know I've been away


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