Выпущена на альбоме «Mighty ReArranger«.


I come from the Tin Pan Valley and I'm moving right along
I live on former glory, so long ago and gone
I'm turning down the talk shows, the humour and the couch
I'm moving up to higher ground, I've found a new way out.

There’s parasols and barbecues and loungers by the pool
Late night conversations filled with twentieth-century cool
My peers may flirt with cabaret - some fake the “rebel yell”
Me, I'm moving up to higher ground - I must escape their hell

Let me
Suspend my thirst for knowledge in your powder,
                                               sweat and sighs
A grudge of Christian women, a stain of spotless wives
A perfect destination inside a perfect world
I take the bottle to the baby, you take the hammer to the pearl

Like this - like this – like this – like this.

Every day's like Sunday, down here on memory lane
Salad days and no good ways can drive me quite insane
A cocktail-clouded troubadour attempts to speak in tongues
He's said enough - I'm through the door - I'm moving right along

Like this - like this – like this – like this - like this - like this.


Перевод Елены Ерёминой


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