Выпущена 20 мая 1985 года на альбоме «Shaken ‘n’ Stirred»
Shaken 'n' Stirred


Sundown - another busy day watching the time fly
Old ground standing in the way, and I don't know why
'Cause here I am making changes
Alterations in my house of cards
But I've a whole new arrangement
Am I at home, am I at home, am I?
Look down - almost with my baby as the time flies
I found I've lost an invitation - I don't know why
I'm so behind in my repayments
This whole beration must be overdue
But I'm at sixes with the statements
Am I at six, am I at six, am I?

Another twist of fortune - it wasn't in the plan
A new design for living - to do the best I can
To do the best I can - to do the best I can

Sometimes I nearly always do, but then I'm with you
Each time it comes as a surprise that they should do
Another drain on my resources
Information's getting out of hand
And I'm at home with all the courses
Am I at home, am I at home, am I, am I, am I?


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