Rainer Ptacek

Выпущена в 2003 года на альбоме «Sixty Six To Timbuktu»
Перед этим выходила на трибьют-альбоме «Inner Flame», посвящённому Райнеру Пташеку (Rainer Ptacek)
Записана в период существования проекта Page & Plant в 1997 году.



You must be proud of yourself
Taking a stand against the world
Ruled by man
With your fist in the air
Metaphorically you take on the world
Girl you're like Muhammed Ali

I'm sorry about that

People they're moving around
They're driftin' and driftin'
Around this town
forgetting their friends
Forgetting their names
Overlook me now, but you can't skip James

I'm sorry 'bout that

I don't mean this to be a shock
I'm telling you honey
'Cause you know it rocks
A smiling sniper taking aim
It gives him pleasure
To give Pain

In a rude world
It's a rude world
I'm sorry about that
Rude world babe



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