Bonham Johnes/ Page
Записана в 1969
на студии Mirror Sound, Los Angeles.
Инженер Крис Хастон (Chris Huston).
Впервые выпущена 22 октября 1969 на альбоме «Led Zeppelin II» (Atlantic 19127).
Выпускалась также 22 октября 1976 года на концертном альбоме «The Song Remains The Same» (Swan Song) , 6 мая 1990 года на сборнике «Box Set» (Atlantic 82144) , 21 сентября 1993 года на сборнике «Boxed Set2» (Atlantic 82477) и 6 октября 1993 года на сборнике «The Complete Studio Recordings» (Atlantic 82526).
Led Zeppelin II The Song Remains The Same Box Set Boxed Set2 The Complete Studio Recordings

Originally titled «Pat’s Delight» after Bonham‘s wife Pat, the version that appears on «Led Zeppelin II» was edited down from a much longer version. The riff is from the track that the band recorded for the BBC on June 16th 1969, «The Girl I Love»that was never used. That song was originally written by Sleepy John Estes under the title «The Girl I Love, She Got Long Curly Hair.» Some of the drum parts were lifted from George Suranovich’s drum solo from the Arthur Lee song «Doggone.» The Led Zeppelin equivalent for Bonham of Cream‘s «Toad» for Ginger Baker, some of the inspiration was probably derived from there. The guitar part also draws on a song from Bobby Parker, thebluesman Page tried to sign to Swan Song, that song being «WatchYour Step.» The song can be found on Parker’s album «Bent Out OfShape.» But the story does not stop there. Parker, in the linernotes for «Bent Out Of Shape» recalls, `It was a takeoff on «Mantecna» by Dizzy Gillespie. I started playing the riff on guitar and decided to make a blues out of it.» The Spencer Davis Group in the UK, with Steve Winwood on vocals, covered the tune where it was a big hit. John Lennon said the guitar for riff on «Day Tripper» started out as a variation on this theme.

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