John Paul Jones / Simon Bell

Выпущена в 1985 году на альбоме «Scream For Help»

Lyrics transcribed by Linda Hennrick


*Here I am
Waiting for someone to call
Hoping for loving, that's all
Wondering who'll be first to fall
In love

All alone
Watching the clock tick away
Not sure if it's night or day
Wishing my sadness away
For good

Someone to hold me
Someone to make me
Feel warm and secure
Someone who's lost love
Knows what it costs
When love walks out the door

**Sometimes in the night
I am with you still
No one ever loved me
And no one will
Not quite like you
And whatever I do


I'm the kind who needs love
I'm the kind who breaks down
When love disappears
Nothing is forever
It doesn't sound so clever
To these foolish ears


Here I am


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