Выпущена как бонус трек к альбому «Fate Of Nations»
Fate Of Nations


21 times I, slowly cry
21 times I, slowly die
21 times I, wonder how
Want my baby, gone somehow - ooh
Down the road I'm goin', down so far
Down the road I go, I go so far alone
21 times I, sit and cry
21 times I, slowly die
21 dreams I, saw subside
Down the road and don't go cryin' - no
No no no no My girls gone, down the road
Said she would leave me never alone
I am goin', where that leadin' me
Oh some other got my woman, the blues got me
Here I stand with my head in my hand
From my woman she's got another man
Saw my baby, she goin'
She gone some place but I don't know where
21 days I cried 21 times I slowly died
21 dreams I do 21 times I cried for you
Play it right Oh oh oh oh oh yeah
My girl she, run down the road
She left me now, I'm all alone
Want blues, give me your right hand
Want blues, please understand
21 times that she made me cry
21 years that I kissed good-bye
21 times that she told me lies
21 dreams oh eyes Look down the road
and I As far as I could see
Man got my woman, but the blues got me
Oh this ain't no livin', no game alone
Anythin' I done, said it was wrong
it's 21 times I, sit and cried
it's 21 dreams it's 21 years that little girl left
21 times that she lied


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